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Bobcat Hire in Perth

Precision Landscape Construction purchased their first skid steer/bobcat in 2006 when the demand to have a bobcat on site on a particular day without compromise became too often. To avoid being let down at the last minute by unreliable operators, having our schedule compromised by heavy rains, or failing to book a bobcat hire Perth if needed in a hurry, we bought our own bobcat with a tip truck. As the years have gone by, the bobcat has been upgraded and the tip truck has got bigger, carrying 12 ton to be the most economical when doing paving preparation Perth or any other type of earthworks required.

We can remove the entire old front or backyards if required, so we can start the landscaping from a clean slate. We remove old brick paved driveways, old concrete driveways, old lawns and green waste. We also dig out clay to make room for new soil supply Perth. In addition, we prepare areas for paving installation Perth by getting the existing sand compacted and at the right levels, or supply and install a base material like crushed limestone or road base for your driveway or crossover to guarantee that there will be no sinkage in the future. We also dig out the base for retainer walls and backfill behind walls.

One of our biggest advantages is Justin can quote the bobcat into the job, making it a lot more economical than hiring another contractor. This way, you can save money, especially if the machine is not needed all the time and if the other operator needs someone there to direct them. Instead of being a one-man band, you can hire an experienced operator from our company with a ticket of competency. The operator is fully insured and knows exactly what needs to be done to have the job prepared perfectly. As the motto goes, perfect prior preparation prevents poor performance.

We have all the attachments required to make your job lighter and keep costs down by getting the job done as quick as possible. A jib for lifting blocks, forks for moving packs of pavers or pallets, a rake bucket to take out old lawns and a general bucket to move soil.

Apart from preparing our own job sites, we can also prepare other sites if time permits. We can supply all types of sand, soil, rocks and mulch at any time at excellent rates, providing bobcat hire Perth to builders preparing their sites for brick paving installation, removing of existing paving stacking on pallets, for re-laying later.

Another advantage is that Justin from Precision Landscape can quote the total earthwork cost instead of an hourly cost added to tip costs. This gives you a total you know at the beginning, without the extra cost being continuously added, not knowing where it’s going to end. We can include tipping of green waste, builders waste, sand, clay, lawns, concrete etc. plus the supply of paving sand, various mulch, garden soil, coffee rock, gravel, blue metal, road base and crushed limestone.

Before hiring a bobcat, get a quote from Precision Landscape Construction so you can get the job done right the first time and on budget.