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Behind every good landscaped area in Perth reticulation is the answer. There will be an automatic reticulation system behind the scenes, getting the job done if installed correctly. The water supply can be off the mains water, by way of a gate valve, off a bore or directly off a tap. The advantages of having an automatic system are enormous when establishing and maintaining even a water-wise garden. No need to remember to water the plants and lawn after a sweltering day and holidays aren’t a problem because it is done.

In Perth irrigation, components are numerous with some being better than others. Precision Landscape only uses quality parts from reticulation Perth stores. These are products that go well beyond the warranty. We install systems to residential houses and units up to medium-sized commercial jobs at schools and shops. We can design systems to be water-wise, covering all the areas with minimal overspray. When designing a system, there are several factors to consider like the water pressure, type and size of areas to be watered and the wind. These factors alone determine the size of the pipework and the type of sprinklers.

Sprinkler selection is one of the most important decisions. Cheap ones can starve your plants or lawn of water without you realising it and get blocked constantly. On lawn areas, we only use toro or rainbird for your standard pop up for larger areas. We use hunter or rainbird for gear drive sprinklers or MP rotators for a water-wise option.

Irrigation Perth is only a part of what we do, but we do it just as well. Our controllers are easy to use and even have an inbuilt water timing feature for new lawns, so you don’t have to adjust it to suit the lawn root growth every two weeks. If an electrical power point is not available, we can install a battery-operated controller to a tap which is very popular in backyards of units or small areas. Larger areas should be off the water main or bore to increase the pressure. A quality solenoid like irritrol or bermad should always be used to prevent any future problems or reticulation repairs Perth being required. We use a core wire to the solanoids that are easy to see if digging and stronger than single wires which are messy and break easily if working on the ground in the area. We can also organise the installation of the electrical power point as well as hire a plumber to cut a gate valve in.

After a garden is established, you can be assured an irrigation system that’s installed by Precision Landscape Construction isn’t going to let you down. We can install on a budget using the poly pipe (which is also easier for making future changes) or we can use the stronger PVC pipe with glued fittings.

A reticulation system should take care of your garden for you, freeing you up to do other things. This way, the only things required for you to do is a little maintenance on the plants to possibly remove some old foliage, add some fertilizer every now and then, mow the lawn and add to the mulch occasionally.